Our Story

Jim Rhubart Roofing is a third generation family owned and operated roofing business serving the South Jersey area since 1975. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior customer service with long-term loyalty and form relationships in our communities built on integrity.  We like to think of our services that we provide as “experiences” with our customers and not just “transactions.

I am very fortunate to have had a grandfather and father who took great pride in their work and relationships with their customers, laying down an excellent foundation and reputation to build upon! After graduating in 2002 from East Carolina University, I took the honor of joining my father in this extremely competitive and arduous business. It is now my obligation to carry on this family business; to continue to grow this legacy and impact as many as I can along the way.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, which has shown to be the best form of marketing for us!

Peace of Mind

Roof replacements can be a very chaotic, intense process that can result in damages after the tons of shingles are removed from your roof. We do our very best to make our process as clean and efficient as possible to not only protect your home and landscaping, but to also provide our Team with an energy-efficient system that allows them to get the most out of their efforts.

In order to provide this service and system, we’ve invested in the right equipment that not only makes our work more efficient, but does an amazing job of protecting our customers’ properties, landscaping, and surroundings. We are one, of only a few, who have an Equipter RB4000 dump trailer that allows us to get into many areas that other dumpsters cannot reach. It also booms up to 14’ high and comes with shoots that prevent our debris from falling onto landscaping, decks and railings, and whatever else may be below our work. This one piece of equipment, paired with our attention to detail has impressed customers, neighbors, and those passing by many, many times!  We even had one customer stop at our job site and say, “I’m not even sure if I need a roof, but if I do, I want YOU guys to do it!”

Roofing Is In Our Blood

“Being born into the roofing industry has provided many challenges and many rewards! My father had me on my first low-slope roof when I was 5 years old! My summers off throughout middle school and high school were spent laboring and learning this awesome trade! I have had some amazing mentors, coaches, teammates, and influences throughout the last 25 years.  Without the support of them, family, friends, and our awesome customers, none of this is possible.  I am now proudly growing this business, providing opportunities for others to learn new skills to provide for their families, and delivering quality work for my trusting customers.

There is one thing that you cannot place a value on, and that is years upon years of experience.”

– Jim Rhubart, Jr. Owner