November 30

Jim Rhubart: top choice for Rental Property Roofing Solutions

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November 14

Light Up Safely: Tips for a Merry Christmas with Jim Rhubart Roofing!

As we enter the festive season, the cherished tradition of embellishing our homes with Christmas decorations takes precedence. While the annual ritual of adorning our… View Article Read More

November 8

Snow-covered roofs could prove damaging to your home this winter: we tell you how to fix that issue

Snow-covered roofs may create a picturesque winter scene, but they can also pose a significant threat to your home. The weight of accumulated snow can… View Article Read More

October 11

The Year-Round Necessity: Roof Ventilation for All Seasons

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October 9

El Niño and your house: what you need to know

El Niño and your house: what you need to know Did you know that July 3, 2023 was the hottest day on record in world… View Article Read More

October 2

Don’t let storm damage lead to major issues

When a summer storm blows through your area, it can wreak havoc on your home. What looks like minor roof repairs, or small siding issues,… View Article Read More

Why is it so important to use top-shelf material?
September 25

Why is it so important to use top-shelf material?

It is important to use top-shelf material on your new roof because it will provide superior protection against the forces of nature and control temperature… View Article Read More