As roofing is an expensive investment in your home’s security, it’s important to know when you should call for repairs or opt for a full replacement. Just because you’ve noticed a new shingle issue doesn’t mean you have to get a whole new roof installed. It’s possible your shingles may have accrued damage due to a recent heavy rain or snowstorm. The best thing you can do when you spot water leaking inside or missing shingles is to call a professional to complete an assessment before it worsens and costs you more.

Signs You Need Roof Repair

Your roof may need repair service if it’s been harmed due to fallen tree limbs or heavy winds. It’s not uncommon to find your overhanging trees have scraped or pulled shingles away. If your roof is only a few years old, this surface-level issue is easily fixed with repairs or a small patch job. Rather than appraise the damage yourself, always call in a professional to ensure every potential leak or weak area is found and corrected.

Modern residential roofs use a combination of plastic, rubber and tar to keep water from getting into the cracks around your pipes and vents. While these materials can last a while, they’ll still often degrade faster than your shingles. When you first develop a leak, it could be because your sealant needs to be promptly replaced.

Roofs that are improperly installed are more likely to struggle with workmanship and ventilation issues. Look out for copious amounts of tar, missing chimney crickets or kicked-out flashing. Professional and experienced roofers can install any absent pieces and save you from a world of extra costs in the future.

Ventilation problems, on the other hand, often manifest as condensation on the underside of your roof deck and inside your attic. Excessive moisture will ruin your insulation and increase your chances of mold spores. The upstairs of your home may also struggle with temperature inconsistencies and frequent overheating. Fortunately, instead of replacing your shingles, this problem is often fixed by adding roof vents.

Roofing repairs are the best option when your roof is relatively young and only has minor damage. However, ignoring a small roof issue for too long will eventually make it necessary to get a full replacement.

Potential Benefits

Allowing experts to professionally repair your shingles will extend the lifespan of your roof. You can also invest in sealing, cleaning and recoating services to buy you more time before your next installation.

Repairs improve your home’s energy efficiency and overall aesthetic value. Exterior damage can result in air drafts that put extra strain on your HVAC system. Keeping your roof in top shape will cut down your energy bills and improve your indoor comfort. Repairing or replacing those missing or cracked shingles will also help your property stand out in the neighborhood.

You won’t have to worry about water leaks impacting your family’s health or safety. Prompt repairs stop water concerns in their tracks, eliminating the potential of destroyed belongings and fungal spores.

Finally, calling for repairs can also help you with your insurance premiums. Insurance companies are often reluctant to provide coverage if a property has an at-risk roof. They may decline to insure you or expect you to pay a higher rate.

When to Opt for Roof Replacement

A new roof installation becomes the better option when your shingles reach about 20 years old. The exact lifespan depends on your chosen type of shingle. For example, while asphalt may last between 15 to 20 years, clay and metal tiles have average lifespans of more than 50 years. After several decades of use, it’s helpful to schedule annual inspections so an expert roofer can track any new signs of damage.

You should learn how to identify age-related problems like discoloration, curling or missing shingles, black streaks and exterior moss. Failing shingles will clog up your gutters with particulates, leading to roof deck decay and rot. You may see water damage in your attic or even light shining through the beams. Rusty or leaky flashing may also be a sign you need a new installation.

Watch out for sagging spots, standing water or extensive algae growth. Persistent moisture issues can compromise the entire roof, allowing some sections to fall out of place or completely cave in. When holes or gaps develop, your home is no longer protected against precipitation, pests and the changing seasons.

If your roof is several decades old and needs repairs more than once a year, a replacement is likely the more cost-effective solution. Sinking more money into a temporary repair will only increase your service fees. A new installation is a long-term fix that minimizes both your repair and maintenance needs.

Potential Benefits

There may come a time when you go to get repairs and find your shingle brand has been discontinued. A new roof gives you the chance to update your home’s look and exterior protection. You can choose to completely renovate your aesthetics and enjoy new features like improved water resistance or eco-friendly options. Don’t forget to consider reflective shingles or solar panels.

Installing an improved roof dramatically increases your property value, making it easier to sell your home in the future. You’ll enjoy optimized ventilation and energy efficiency as well as lower insurance premiums every month. New roofs don’t need as much annual maintenance and also come with the added benefit of a new warranty.

Depending on your roof type, a manufacturer’s warranty can last around one or two decades. If the warranty on your current roof lapses, you’ll have to pay for all your parts and repairs out of pocket. With new exceptional coverage, you won’t have to worry about your service costs.

Importance of Trusting Professionals

Determining when your roof needs repairs or replacement can be difficult for the average homeowner. You might not be able to recognize the full extent of the damage or the potential risks to your home. The moment you notice a roofing issue, call for a professional opinion. Our experienced roofers have the right training, tools and hands-on experience to offer informed advice and solutions.

Replacing a missing shingle by yourself won’t necessarily fix the problem. There’s still a chance you didn’t catch the serious underlying cause that could worsen your roof’s condition in just a few short weeks or months. Guarantee your family’s safety no matter the season by relying on trusted and highly-certified roofers.

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